Why Green World Hypothesis?

The name of this blog references a question asked by Hairston, Smith and Slobodkin in 1960. Why are there so many plants in the environment when there are also so many hungry herbivores?  Their answer was that predators keep herbivore population sizes in check by eating them.  While this is one reason why the world is green, plant defenses against herbivory are another important component.  Plants are not helpless victims to herbivores.  They employ a range of physical and chemical traits that reduce the quality of plant tissues for herbivores and can even kill, directly or indirectly.

The blog name is also a play on the use of the word “green” to mean environmentally friendly or sustainable.  Everyone can take small steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing consumption, reusing and repurposing products, and recycling materials.  In addition to fun stories about ecology and the natural world, the blog will also highlight ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, one step at a time.


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