Albert the snail has babies

The snail I use for outreach had baby snails recently (species Neohelix albolabris).  Note: land snails are both male and female, but I named my snail Albert anyway.

Here are four of the eggs shortly after they were laid.  They are very small.  The dimples in the picture are from a paper towel the eggs were sitting on.
Here are the baby snails hatching.
This is a picture of the baby snails.  Their shells are transparent, so you can actually see their hearts beating through their shells.  


If anyone could explain to me what was going on with Albert before the eggs were laid, please let me know.  The weird protuberance that was located at the snail’s genital pore before the eggs were hatched is no longer there.  I assume it had some reproductive function (or potential function in this case, since Albert doesn’t have another snail of the same species for company and produced the eggs by selfing).

Can anyone explain this?


So weird looking!



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