Internet Resource Spotlight: Zero-Waste Chef

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.02.32 PM

I love the Zero-Waste Chef page even more now that we are trying especially hard to clamp down on waste.  Here are some highlights:

Things I do that were once considered normal” This is all good, but specifically check out #4: Use Everything.

15 creative uses for food scraps” This one gave me the idea to save vegetable ends and peals up in the freezer, then add them while making stocks.  I think it would be cool to make fruit scrap vinegar, but I haven’t unlocked that level yet.

Clear out the fridge frittata” I’ve done this with quiche.  Some mixtures have been much tastier than expected.  Case in point: leftover veggie mix containing beans, partial bag of frozen broccoli (defrosted), remnant turkey meatballs, remnant pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

How to rescue vegetables that are past their prime and avoid food waste

There’s even more great stuff in there, so definitely have a look and see which ideas speak to you.




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